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Find your personalized workforce mobile tech solution in 20 minutes

No matter the size of your workforce, communication between managers, colleagues and employees usually needs improvement. Reaching employees is even more difficult when they work remotely or are spread throughout the country or the world.[…]

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Santa Clara University Engages Workforce with Train by Cell

Out of 2,000 faculty and staff members at Santa Clara University, only seven — on average — attend each of the institution’s training classes and opportunities. That’s why university Learning and Leadership Specialist Anthony Metten attended a technology conference recently with the mission of increasing employee engagement. His search quickly focused his attention to Train by Cell’s suite of services.[…]

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Hear Industry Expert Jack Wexler on the Power of Mobile Training

Hear an interview between mobile industry expert and Train by Cell client, Jack Wexler, and journalist Jerry Kay. Jack, a well-known proponent of mobile technology in the workforce, uses Train by Cell as a powerful way to engage with younger generations and increase dialogue among employees.[…]

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Teachers and students discuss mobile learning

Mobile learning (m-learning) is still evolving and means different things to different people. But respondents in a 2017 NMC Horizon Report (Higher Education) forum largely agreed that several characteristics hold true to make it successful.[…]

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