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SMS Isn't the Future of Workplace Communication, It's the Now

If your company is suffering from poor workplace engagement -- unopened emails, lack of feedback, no workflow organization, among other problems -- you are not alone. Employee email inboxes are overflowing. Many enterprise companies have sales, service and marketing teams spread throughout the globe. Due to regulations and tightening of workflow procedures, operating procedures are changing faster than printed training materials can keep up--not to mention how expensive endless reprinting can be for a company.[…]

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How to Communicate with Employees Without a Company Email Address

How do you reach employees who do not have a company email address? It’s tough to do. However, it’s more important today than ever before. In the past you would hold meetings or post signs in lunchrooms, but for a virtual, remote workforce, these methods do not work anymore.[…]

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Text Message Sequencing Creates Frequent Touches for New Employees

Several clients asked us to build a way to send text messages to employees over a period of time. But they wanted the text message sequence to be tied to when the employee joined the list.[…]

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Improve Your Company's Morale by Using Train by Cell

Employees love being recognized.  How about sending them a text message on their birthday or anniversary with an animated GIF birthday cake where all the candles blow out? And include a recorded audio clip as well. This is a simple example, but it represents the full functionality of Train by Cell's platform, and highlights a creative application of it.[…]

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Higher Employee Engagement #1 Goal for Companies This Fall

Everyone is worried about employee engagement.  It was a focal point of last week’s Dreamforce Conference.[…]

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Recruiting Goes Mobile

One of the country’s largest retailers turned to Train by Cell last month to build a more efficient way to recruit during the crazy holiday season.[…]

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What Train by Cell Has Learned after Years of Experience

Over a six-year period working with hundreds of companies big and small in the training/HR and learning space, we came to several conclusions:[…]

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Video Interview With Greater Atlanta ATD

Greater Atlanta ATD Chapter Social Media Director Tracy did a quick video interview with TBC CEO Dave Asheim ahead of Dave's presentation to the chapter in June. Watch the video below:[…]

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