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Find your personalized workforce mobile tech solution in 20 minutes

No matter the size of your workforce, communication between managers, colleagues and employees usually needs improvement. Reaching employees is even more difficult when they work remotely or are spread throughout the country or the world.[…]

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Santa Clara University Engages Workforce with Train by Cell

Out of 2,000 faculty and staff members at Santa Clara University, only seven — on average — attend each of the institution’s training classes and opportunities. That’s why university Learning and Leadership Specialist Anthony Metten attended a technology conference recently with the mission of increasing employee engagement. His search quickly focused his attention to Train by Cell’s suite of services.[…]

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SMS Isn't the Future of Workplace Communication, It's the Now

If your company is suffering from poor workplace engagement -- unopened emails, lack of feedback, no workflow organization, among other problems -- you are not alone. Employee email inboxes are overflowing. Many enterprise companies have sales, service and marketing teams spread throughout the globe. Due to regulations and tightening of workflow procedures, operating procedures are changing faster than printed training materials can keep up--not to mention how expensive endless reprinting can be for a company.[…]

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Recruiting Goes Mobile

One of the country’s largest retailers turned to Train by Cell last month to build a more efficient way to recruit during the crazy holiday season.[…]

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Introducing our new Mobile Benefits Guide

Imagine offering your employees the convenience of a mobile website where all benefit information is accessible with one or two taps on a phone.[…]

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Performance Support and Mobile - A Primer

Despite the size of your workforce, trying to manage your employee's performance can be a bit of a hassle. Some organizations with large employee pools who work off-site have to rely on online check-ins or a very hands off approach.[…]

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