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Hear Industry Expert Jack Wexler on the Power of Mobile Training

Hear an interview between mobile industry expert and Train by Cell client, Jack Wexler, and journalist Jerry Kay. Jack, a well-known proponent of mobile technology in the workforce, uses Train by Cell as a powerful way to engage with younger generations and increase dialogue among employees.[…]

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What Train by Cell Has Learned after Years of Experience

Over a six-year period working with hundreds of companies big and small in the training/HR and learning space, we came to several conclusions:[…]

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Video Interview With Greater Atlanta ATD

Greater Atlanta ATD Chapter Social Media Director Tracy did a quick video interview with TBC CEO Dave Asheim ahead of Dave's presentation to the chapter in June. Watch the video below:[…]

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Introducing our new Mobile Benefits Guide

Imagine offering your employees the convenience of a mobile website where all benefit information is accessible with one or two taps on a phone.[…]

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Text Messaging and Your Organization: What To Consider?

Many organizations are always looking for new and innovative ways to stay connected with their employees. While calendar invites and emails have had success, text message open rates are at 85 percent, according to a Shift Communications survey. Text messaging is a simple form of communication that most people in your workforce are familiar with.[…]

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Performance Support and Mobile - A Primer

Despite the size of your workforce, trying to manage your employee's performance can be a bit of a hassle. Some organizations with large employee pools who work off-site have to rely on online check-ins or a very hands off approach.[…]

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Location-based Access Coming Soon!

Have you considered using mobile technology to train, engage or share content with your employees but want to restrict access to only when they are on the job?[…]

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SHRM 2015 Webinar

Thank you again for stopping by the Train by Cell booth at the SHRM Annual Conference 2015. We hope you enjoyed the conference and getting to spin our wheel of fortune.[…]

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