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How to Communicate with Employees Without a Company Email Address

How do you reach employees who do not have a company email address? It’s tough to do. However, it’s more important today than ever before. In the past you would hold meetings or post signs in lunchrooms, but for a virtual, remote workforce, these methods do not work anymore.[…]

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Text Message Sequencing Creates Frequent Touches for New Employees

Several clients asked us to build a way to send text messages to employees over a period of time. But they wanted the text message sequence to be tied to when the employee joined the list.[…]

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Improve Your Company's Morale by Using Train by Cell

Employees love being recognized.  How about sending them a text message on their birthday or anniversary with an animated GIF birthday cake where all the candles blow out? And include a recorded audio clip as well. This is a simple example, but it represents the full functionality of Train by Cell's platform, and highlights a creative application of it.[…]

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Higher Employee Engagement #1 Goal for Companies This Fall

Everyone is worried about employee engagement.  It was a focal point of last week’s Dreamforce Conference.[…]

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Recruiting Goes Mobile

One of the country’s largest retailers turned to Train by Cell last month to build a more efficient way to recruit during the crazy holiday season.[…]

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