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No matter the size of your workforce, communication between managers, colleagues and employees usually needs improvement. Reaching employees is even more difficult when they work remotely or are spread throughout the country or the world.

Whether you need to assign work, ask questions or train employees, distance is an issue. It’s even more difficult when employees don’t have access to computers or corporate email addresses. Every company’s communications needs are different.There are no one-size-fits-all solution.

That’s why Train by Cell offers personalized webinars to help you find your’s. At our free 20-minute webinar, you will use your own phone to experiment with more than 10 uses of mobile technology in the workplace. You will also see a complete demonstration of how easy it is to create an engaging experience for your employees, trainees and partners. You will also review mobile workplace trends so that you could avoid pratfalls and determine a mobile engagement strategy and tools best-suited to your needs.

Not every case is the same. We’ll evaluate your needs and requirements, and walk you through the solution that will help you most.

How can mobile tools enhance performance support? Why do companies like yours like mobile and how do they benefit from it? How can you help your employees using mobile? Those questions and more are covered during the webinar.

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