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9 Reasons to Make Your Content Mobile

Feb 28, 2018 3:42:34 PM

In the past, many companies wasted valuable time with unproductive training classes. They dedicated countless hours to lengthy, slow-paced training sessions that could have been condensed into a much simpler format through a mobile-based program. Making the switch to mobile content will keep your employees engaged throughout the training process, and will save time and effort in the long run. If you’re interested in revolutionizing your company’s training program, here are the top 9 reasons to make your content mobile.

1. Mobile content is travel-friendly

Mobile content enables your employees to access training material anywhere, whether they’re sitting at their desks or traveling across the country. A relief for employees who travel frequently, they’ll no longer have to worry about carrying along laptops or finding access to a desktop while on a business trip. Since most people have their cell phones within an arm’s reach at all times, mobile content is the best  choice for modern companies.

2. You’ll save money,  paper and prevent unnecessary waste

In some cases, employers will go through thousands of sheets of paper during their training programs. By switching to mobile content, you won’t have to waste paper by printing endless copies of training material. This will save your company money in the long run—and you’ll be able to benefit the environment by reducing waste.



3. Save time by streamlining the onboarding process

The growing trend in training is to send small, easy-to-digest bits of content to your employees via SMS. You won’t waste time with lengthy training presentations that your employees can’t focus on. Instead, you’ll keep their attention throughout the training process and get them ready to perform their jobs much faster and more effectively.

 4. Your employees won’t have to deal with clunky handbooks

Mobile content allows you to offer a modern approach to the traditional employee handbook. Instead of having to leaf through countless pages of irrelevant information, they’ll be able to use the “search” feature on their phones to find what they’re looking for in an instant. And best of all, they’ll be able to access the information from anywhere.

5. Employees can access mobile training materials 24/7

Traditional training programs can only be accessed from 9 to 5. However, a mobile-based program gives your employees the ability to view training materials any time of day or night. If they’re looking to reinforce their training after the work day draws to a close, they’ll be able to review documents directly from their mobile phones. Since they’ll be able to browse training materials from anywhere, they won’t have to worry about forgetting them at work ever again.

6. Mobile training documents are easy to update and revise

At Train by Cell, we know you put a great deal of time and effort into developing your training materials. However, errors will inevitably slip through from time to time, even if you take extra steps to be careful. If you spot errors in your training material, it’s easy for you to correct them with Train by Cell. You’ll never have to worry about reprinting countless documents after a mistake is detected. Train by Cell allows you to send out a simple link to your employees with the amended information, and not a single sheet of paper is wasted.

7. You’ll be able to easily send out reminders to view new content

Keeping your employees on track is easier than ever with Train by Cell. Instead of hovering behind your employees and asking them if they’ve had time to look at new training material yet, you’ll be able to send them friendly reminders through SMS. Sending a reminder along with a direct link to the content you want them to view is a great way to keep your employees focused, from across the office or a thousand miles away.

8. Mobile content increases compliance and comprehension

During employee training, it’s important to regularly assess comprehension and compliance. Train by Cell makes it easy to keep your employees in check with tests, quizzes, polls, and surveys. Regular testing will ensure that they’re benefitting from their mobile training. You’ll be able to view their results instantly on your phone, and modify training materials to reinforce concepts that your employees may have missed.

9. You’ll be able to provide incentives for employee engagement

Detailed reporting capabilities allow you to manage employee engagement far more effectively. You’ll be able to see which employees have viewed your content, along with which pages they’ve viewed. Our reporting module allows you to keep track of which documents they downloaded, as well as how long they viewed the content. Additionally, you can view results from polls, quizzes, and surveys in our reporting module. It’s easier than ever to keep track of employee training progress with mobile content—and you can even gamify training stats by displaying points on the Leaderboard!

Streamline the Training Process by Embracing Mobile Content

In the modern age, mobile-based training will leave traditional methods in the dust. By choosing to embrace mobile content and leave time-consuming, dull training classes in the last decade, you’ll brighten the future of your company. Your employees will be more engaged and alert throughout the training process, and their increased performance will convince you that you’ve made the right decision by switching to mobile content.


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