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CASA Makes Big Training Strides Using Mobile

Dec 23, 2019 11:08:50 AM




How does a child advocacy group like CASA train volunteers who live all over the county? It’s an expensive, logistical challenge. That’s why CASA Child Advocates of Montgomery County, Texas turned to Train by Cell’s mobile training platform.

“We have a large volunteer base who are not physically in the same space very often,” reports Ann Marie Ronsman, CASA’s Training Manager. But with Train by Cell’s technology, Ronsman can send out training text message “drips” to keep all volunteers current on child advocacy issues no matter their location.

Today, CASA’s training drips generate a response rate of over 80%. Text messages are read instantly, and many advocates contact Ronsman for more training materials and guidance -- proving that text messaging is getting their attention. “We’ve built a sense of community with it,” says Ronsman.

For ten years, Train by Cell has provided solutions to nonprofits like CASA and child advocacy groups all over the country. It's simply a more effective volunteer training program.

Train by Cell offers technology solutions using audio, responsive mobile websites, texting, smartphone apps, and custom development and engineering. Sign up for a free demo by clicking the button below to learn how we can streamline your training experience.


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