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Denver Public Schools Finds Great Success in Mobile Training

Dec 23, 2019 10:58:17 AM


It’s always been difficult to maintain clear communication with employees who aren’t onsite in the office every day.

Whether you employ drivers, factory workers, nurses, or facility personnel, the question remains: How can you train hires that are on the road, communicate HR policies, and make them feel engaged without holding a town hall meeting?

Denver Public Schools (DPS) was looking for a way to ease some of these problems. So when they came across the Train by Cell text message and mobile content platform, they jumped on board.

By using Train by Cell, the facility team can contact and engage with staff at any moment, enhancing employees’ learning retention with easy-to-use and engaging mobile technology. It has also stimulated efficiency in communicating with staff.

How are employees responding? Manager of Office of Professional Development Toni Shelton reports, “Staff like it, it’s simple.” Especially those that are in the field and not staring at a screen all day.

Mobile technology is the best way to train and communicate with employees. Visit Train by Cell today to start your free demo.

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