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Improve Training and Development - Your LMS and Train by Cell

Dec 29, 2017 1:00:00 PM

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If your workforce is not always sitting in front of a computer, an LMS alone is not enough. 

If you take part in online learning, you probably use a learning management system (LMS) to build, manage and disseminate content. Your LMS provider may say that it offers a mobile option or that one is in development, but chances are it is inadequate. Train by Cell offers the most robust, easy integrated solution.

First, consider the ways in which your employees are willing to use their phones, as surveyed by Train by Cell.

The 5 Truths of Training

  1.  Employees don’t want apps. They are wary of work-centric apps because they take up precious storage on their phones and because employees are concerned about privacy issues. This includes the perceived possibility of you using the app to spy on them.
  2. They enjoy receiving text messages. Many employees would rather hear from you by text because it already fits into their daily routines.
  3. They have short attention spans. Employees will use their phone for three to five minutes at a time. Many employers have embraced this concept, now known as “microlearning,” which allows employees to learn work-related concepts one-at-a-time. According to a study by Network World, people touch their phone more than 2,500 times each day. That’s hundreds of clicks, taps and swipes spread over many hours — rather than all at once.
  4. They will click a link delivered by text. When your messaging is succinct, and your use of of text messaging is not excessive, employees are happy to learn and communicate by SMS.
  5. They enjoy being rewarded and entertained. Your employees prefer assignments that are fun, engaging and rewarding. Include games, polls and contests to increase engagement. And if you track their engagement, you can reward them, oftentimes with gamification.

What about LMS Systems and Mobile Engagement?

Learning management systems are built for the desktop experience. Many of their content creation, management and dissemination features are not compatible with smartphone technology, and are not ideal for learning or training on a mobile phone. Some don’t offer both content creation and database and management platforms.

It will take you hours to create one interaction using an LMS. That’s OK if the end users will engage with that interaction for several hours, but way too long when you want them to process that information within a few minutes. Train by Cell excels in this area by providing the platform for burst or “boost” learning.

Train by Cell was built for mobile use. Create engagements, push out the notifications and track usage, all in minutes and in real-time.

Train by Cell quickly integrates with your existing LMS via xAPI (or if the LMS is SCORM-compliant). It quickly integrates with your existing LMS and allows for the quick, seamless transfer of data from one platform to the other. Train by Cell works in tandem with the existing LMS.

Key Differentiators:

  • Train by Cell allows you to use your existing content. No recreation is required. Sync content from your LMS.
  • Building and disseminating content takes minutes, compared to the hours on an LMS, whether the use is intended for desktop or mobile.
  • Train by Cell allows for content dissemination and communication using text messaging (SMS and MMS). No LMS does this.
  • Most learning management systems are not truly mobile. If they require the download of apps, sometimes requiring Flash, which does not work on smartphones.
  • Train by Cell’s simple integration works with any technology or existing platform.

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