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How to Communicate with Employees Without a Company Email Address

Oct 31, 2016 12:29:23 PM


How do you reach employees who do not have a company email address? It’s tough to do. However, it’s more important today than ever before. In the past you would hold meetings or post signs in lunchrooms, but for a virtual, remote workforce, these methods do not work anymore.

Several of our clients have started to use the Train by Cell's Mobile Web and Text Message  Communication Platform to bridge this gap.

Employees can voluntarily opt in, by sending either an email or sending a text message into our system, to receive company news that you schedule in advance. These notices can include links or just contain straight text. And you can segment based on whatever groups you wish and define.

Since the employees are opting in, and can opt out anytime they wish, our client’s HR and Legal departments have determined that as long as the employee has chosen to receive this information on their personal device, that the company can use this new channel to distribute late breaking news, benefit changes, or any training or HR topic.

Contact us today for a free trial demo account of any our platforms. Once you start experimenting, you will find infinite uses for using mobile to touch, train, communicate with and improve engagement with your employees.