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How Will You Onboard a Newly Hired Remote Worker?

Jul 8, 2020 10:44:54 AM

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Create a seamless onboarding experience for your new hires through mobile technology.

Despite the current COVID-19-induced economic downturn and massive unemployment, many industries are still hiring new employees by the thousands.

In the past, you may have welcomed a new employee with in-person events like new hire orientation, training sessions, or lunch with the team. So what will your onboarding process look like now when you hire someone to work remotely?


Here are just a few ways mobile technology makes it easy to onboard new employees:

Before Day #1welcome1

  • Send a welcome message via text before their start date—include a welcome video from your CEO or fellow team members

  • Send a text message reminder of documents they should have ready on their first day and include a link to forms to complete

Morning of Day #1


  • Send a text to the new employee with a link to a mobile page with a company info and HR handbook

  • Ask the new hire to upload a selfie and include two truths and a lie as a way to introduce themselves to the team

During Week #1

  • Gamify the onboarding experience by sending them to an employee onboarding checklist of training activities to complete




Sure, you could send a series of long emails with all of this information, but let’s face it: people don’t read email. Keep it simple! Communicate on the device that is always in your employees’ hands: their smartphone.

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You probably spent a lot of time screening candidates, interviewing, and selecting just the right person. Why not create a solid employee onboarding process that sets the tone for their perception of your company? Make this new hire an employee that feels included and valued.



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