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In a COVID-19 World, How Do You Move Your Training Forward?

May 4, 2020 9:10:47 AM


In a world turned upside down by COVID-19, professionals from every industry have had to reevaluate their definition of engagement to keep business afloat. 

But for training managers who rely on in-person interaction to measure success, COVID-19 has caused quite a rift. When employees or participants can no longer attend classrooms or physical training, how do you move the learning forward? 

This week, our own Christa Mallard spoke with training experts Ann Marie Ronsman and Alli Stephens of CASA Child Advocates of Montgomery County to learn how mobile technology helps facilitate the training of 325 participants across the county. 

With almost half of America’s workforce now working from home, CASA’s story of remote, mobile training has never been more relevant. 

Here are the top five quotes from our webinar

“We wanted a method for just-in-time training. It is very hard to set up in-person training at the last minute. Before mobile, we would send emails, many of which went unopened, or schedule many, many sessions of in-person training to convey that same information. We started using mobile ‘drip’ learning because it’s a little bit of training information frequently — like a drip.”

“When CASA advocates click the text message link, they read the content or view the content, and they get about five minutes per drip. That adds up to ten minutes a week, and over the course of a year, that equals about 8.5 hours per year.
Our ‘drip’ learning gives CASA advocates the lion’s share of their continuing education hours they need without ever leaving their homes, or offices, or cars.”

“Mobile training works well for our board members because they are all executives with limited time, but yet they want to gain expertise and knowledge in the field of child welfare. They are used to being the smartest people in the room so they’re really hungry for information.This technology works well because board members can view it anywhere at any time.”

“We wanted a format that was going to work for all of the different generations that volunteer here at CASA. We wanted our 25-year olds to be able to use it just like our 65-year olds.”

We wanted to give our volunteers exposure to content experts, nationally, and also help them to know about the resources within our community.”


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