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Location-based Access Coming Soon!

Nov 20, 2015 11:24:01 AM

Have you considered using mobile technology to train, engage or share content with your employees but want to restrict access to only when they are on the job?

We are getting ready to release two additions to our powerful Mobile Training and HR Platforms:

  • Location Based Access: Restrict access to only those workers within a preset number of feet from their place of work.
  • WiFi Based Access: Restrict access to only the WiFi at work, so workers cannot use their personal internet plan to access content.

Training and HR managers agree mobile has tremendous potential to train, engage, stimulate, share content and test employees. Most of our clients are not concerned with restricting access as they encourage using the mobile tools anytime and anywhere.

However, if your organization needs to limit access to only on the job and/or only using company-provided WiFi, Train by Cell is pleased to offer these new solutions.