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Santa Clara University Engages Workforce with Train by Cell

Mar 2, 2017 11:32:53 AM

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Out of 2,000 faculty and staff members at Santa Clara University, only seven — on average — attend each of the institution’s training classes and opportunities. That’s why university Learning and Leadership Specialist Anthony Metten attended a technology conference recently with the mission of increasing employee engagement. His search quickly focused his attention to Train by Cell’s suite of services.

Using Mobile to Better Engage 

“Microlearning was high on my radar,” Metten said. “I was tasked with bringing something new and different to the university for their training and development.”

During an hour-long demo with Train by Cell CEO David Asheim, Metten was able to understand Train by Cell’s mobile web authoring platform and SMS platform completely, and build a mobile website. His manager in the Human Resources Department was impressed. All other options were quickly ruled out due to complexity and implementation cost. An added benefit to the platform was that Metten didn’t have to engage with his IT department, which would have added much more implementation and development time.


Next week, Santa Clara University is rolling out a handful of microlearning opportunities for staff and faculty members, with more in development. Initial courses will offer education on emotional intelligence, institutional history, coaching, team building and supervisory instruction.

“People don’t have a half day or a whole day to come to class anymore,” Metten said. “Even if they do, keeping their attention for that long is difficult. To be able to go through a training segment in four, five or six minutes, and be done with it … is a great opportunity to keep them more engaged and trained.”

Other departments, such as alumni relations and sustainability, also want in on the action. The latter is preparing a video, explaining where to dispose of different types of trash. It will be uploaded to a mobile website powered by Train by Cell.

Santa Clara University’s HR department will offer all of the institution’s staff and faculty members the opportunity to opt in via SMS. Once they opt in by sending a specific keyword to a short-code, they will be redirected to mobile websites where they can register for numerous training opportunities.

“When people depart the university, it’s easy to remove them from distribution lists,” Metten said. “Train by Cell is very easy to use and very impressive.”

The university's goal is to increase employee engagement and then begin to build out its educational content further.

“Train by Cell was willing to work with us all the way through,” Metten said. “It’s been a really good relationship all the way through.”


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