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SMS Isn't the Future of Workplace Communication, It's the Now

Dec 7, 2016 3:40:16 PM

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If your company is suffering from poor workplace engagement -- unopened emails, lack of feedback, no workflow organization, among other problems -- you are not alone. Employee email inboxes are overflowing. Many enterprise companies have sales, service and marketing teams spread throughout the globe. Due to regulations and tightening of workflow procedures, operating procedures are changing faster than printed training materials can keep up--not to mention how expensive endless reprinting can be for a company.

But one communication trend is beginning to reverse this model of poor communication: SMS. Yes, text messaging is the practical and popular way to reach employees. According to a 2015 Gallup poll, text messaging is the favorite method of communication for adults; higher than phone calls, email and social media.

In a workplace setting, the ease of use for SMS is compounded with a failure of email. As employees get busier, they have less time to check their inboxes, especially messages that are procedural and not directly attached to assignments. So they ignore them. Many employees, such as sales teams and retail staff members, don’t even have corporate email addresses.

Text messaging, meanwhile, has an open rate of about 99 percent. On most phones, text messages can’t be ignored or avoided. So long as the method is not abused, employees have shown to benefit from this micro-learning form of communications.

Train by Cell has stayed ahead of this trend by developing corporate training, education and communication solutions.

SMS is perfect for microburst employee training, communicating meeting and event reminders, company news and alerts in real-time, internal job openings, updated workflow and operating procedures, and polling or surveying a workforce for opinions. Oftentimes, it’s the only way to communicate with employees with no work email address or who spend much of their time on the road. They have to find a WiFi hotspot and pull out their laptops. With Train by Cell, all a recipient has to do is check a text message on their phone, click a link and connect to a mobile website with additional information. A mobile website with Train by Cell takes minutes to set up and can be updated in seconds. There’s no need to involve your IT department

Adopting a mobile SMS communication and training strategy will cut through the clutter of email. Stronger, more direct  communication brings an additional advantage of raising morale, decreasing turnover and increasing productivity.

Visit Train by Cell to find out more about implementing mobile SMS technology to improve internal communication and mobile learning.