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Teachers and students discuss mobile learning

Jan 6, 2017 12:41:58 PM

Students and Teachers Mobile

Mobile learning (m-learning) is still evolving and means different things to different people. But respondents in a 2017 NMC Horizon Report (Higher Education) forum largely agreed that several characteristics hold true to make it successful.

M-learning has leveraged mobile technology to make learning portable and provide instantaneous access no matter the location of the student. Educators have witnessed a resurgence of m-learning through an increase in BYOD (bring your own device) initiatives across learning institutions.

Key topics of conversation:

  • For students, m-Learning is less about the technology and more about affordability and convenience. They can learn on their own time, wherever they are.
  • Affordability and accessibility are key factors to both financially disadvantaged students and students in developing countries. One administrator said her school serves a high percentage of underrepresented students, but that 96 percent of them own a mobile phone, often in place of any other computer.
  • A mobile-first strategy is a crucial unifier between staff and students.
  • More content on mobile learning services needs to be truly responsive and mobile. A lot of content is inaccessible due to bandwidth, connectivity, and file or application format, such as Flash.
  • Many m-Learning services are missing assessment and engagement components, like games, testing and simulations (gamification basics).
  • Mobile learning is not a standalone technology and will often work in concert with cloud computing.
  • Pretty much all mobile learning solutions lack a text messaging component.
  • M-learning platforms work well for accessing information; however, there continue to be difficulties with real-time text collaboration.

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