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Text Messaging and Your Organization: What To Consider?

Feb 1, 2016 4:08:19 PM

Many organizations are always looking for new and innovative ways to stay connected with their employees. While calendar invites and emails have had success, text message open rates are at 85 percent, according to a Shift Communications survey. Text messaging is a simple form of communication that most people in your workforce are familiar with.

But the question is how to correctly use text messaging. What is the best subject matter to share via text message? How frequently should you send out text messages?

While there is not one simple and direct answer to those questions, we do have a simple response: Do what makes sense for your organization.

Some of the clients we work with love to use text messaging to alert their traveling sales teams of product updates with related links to a website. Other clients like to update their employees on weather alerts. Thanks to its versatility, SMS has become a powerful tool.

If you’re looking to start using text message for your workforce, here are a couple of topics to consider:

  • Take into consideration who your workforce is what type of messaging they would really appreciate (ie. Urgent company information or weekly sales updates)
  • How frequently would these text messages be sent out? Some employees would benefit from weekly updates while others would like updates once a day.

Because text messages are usually quick touches, most employees enjoy the interactions and you'll notice a higher open rate than emails.

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