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What Train by Cell Has Learned after Years of Experience

Aug 5, 2016 12:33:39 PM

Over a six-year period working with hundreds of companies big and small in the training/HR and learning space, we came to several conclusions:

  1. Mobile is gaining ground and most companies want to offer something that is mobile friendly.
  2. Companies do not want to do their own programming – they want an off-the-shelf, comprehensive solution that can be learned in minutes and implemented in an hour.
  3. The price also has to be very reasonable – this is a new venture for most companies without a long history of usage and it cannot be costly.
  4. Employees will absolutely use their own phones to engage with content, if it is super easy to access and engaging, and they can do it anytime, anywhere on any device.

Based on those criteria we built a solution that does the following:

  1. Mobile, tablet and desktop friendly – the URL’s work anywhere in the world on any device
  2. Drag and drop, easy-to-use back‐end to allow for instant usage of any of our mobile tools.
  3. Low price based only on how much it is used
  4. A combination of text messaging with links pointing to specific web pages to make it so easy, compelling and fun for the employee that they look forward to receiving these learning "nuggets."

We know from our research working with real companies in real‐life situations that the ideal solution combines a nudge from the company (in the form of a text message or an email) and a short URL link to the page of content or engagement the user should access. Therefore we built two platforms – a text messaging platform and a mobile web authoring and content management platform. There is no company in the country that we know of offering both, and we feel without both, a mobile training and engaging solution will be ineffective.